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Welcome to web page. Our company is located in the town of Hlinsko
in Eastern Bohemia and has a long tradition in manufacturing quality upholstery fabrics that
started literally decades ago. In 2007 we initiated production of removable covers for
the most popular Ikea sofas.

If you are currently searching for a new slipcover for your Ikea sofa or armchair or just wish
to lighten up your living room or bedroom with one of our complimentary products, we
believe that you have found the best place to shop. Our main goal is to offer quality products
and a pleasant shopping experience for our customers and let them leave our web shop with a
feeling that they are very important for our company.

Our product managers constantly search for new styles of fabrics and besides our own
production we also offer the best possible quality from our business partners. The quality
of material is the main criterion for admission to our web shop. Our plan is to create a large
scale of different fabric styles that can satisfy strict requirements of our customers not only in
personal creativity, but also in the field of overall quality, functionality, sturdiness and good
feeling during average daily use.

We will gladly receive any of your comments or suggestions and our team will put a great
effort into satisfying all your possible needs. For all other questions please contact our
customer care department at or on the address: ALTEX CZ, spol. s r.o.,
Karlova 693, 539 01 Hlinsko, Czech Republic.

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